Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Storyboarding: Boards for "A MISTAKE"

Here are my story boards for "A MISTAKE"! I was happy with the ending result! 
This assignment was so fun to work on! 
*Digital corrections made :)

Storyboarding: Character Lineups and Story Beats

I'm looking forward to Storyboarding this year! Nancy's class is really exciting and I'm learning a lot. She is so knowledgeable and talented! Most of her input and suggestions for my own work and fellow students within my class just blow me away sometimes! That woman knows her stuff! 
I also think I have changed my path and would like to be a story artist now, it's quite enjoyable! 

Below is my character lineup and story beats for "A MISTAKE"
*BunBun is completely off model but I had changed his design last minute, so when it came to boarding he was more fluid to draw* 

And here we have my character lineup and story beats for "THE GOOD LITTLE GIRL"