Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2!


The first movie is one of my favourite animated films but HTTYD2! WOAH. 
I laughed, I cried and was grinning from ear to ear for almost the entire film! XD


There were scenes that simply took my breath away and many surprises to follow! They brought back some of the beloved moments from the first movie, having it flow perfectly! Beautiful acting, deep relationships and growth between characters, the layouts were FANTASTIC and what an incredible storyline! The artwork shown at the end ahhhhh! 

I am thrilled with DreamWorks Animation
I have never felt so satisfied with animated film in such a long time. 

Oh man, oh man the excitement! This happiness will not be leaving me anytime soon! I'm inspired and ready to go! Let's get creative! Life is full of opportunities! Follow your heart and anything is possible!!!  
Everyone! Go forth and watch How to Train Your Dragon 2! 
May it ease your mind and take you on an adventure you will never forget 

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